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The Foundation

Let’s Change The World Ourselves

The Foundation

Our Mission

To bring together experts in all fields, investors, entrepreneurs, science, actions and ideas on a beautiful journey of cooperation to take care of the needy while protecting the environment. We are getting involved with the joy of giving, meeting hundreds of friends and changing the world ourselves.

Simply providing occasional material aid is not enough. Our belief is that by teaming up we will uncover ideas and expertise to effectively equip, encourage and empower impoverished women and children everywhere. This involves opening doors for professionalization and mutual cooperation within the global communities. Our approach builds on existing cultures and individual talents by using the art of recycling to ignite enthusiasm and creativity. Each one of us alone can do just a little, together we can do it all.

What we care for:

Meet impoverished women and children needs

Protection of the Environment

Help the unemployed

Assist disaster survivors

Combat addiction

Love on the elderly

Prevent domestic violence

Offer instruction

Poverty is man made. We can overcome it

My only aspiration as an artist was to use my art as a tool to make good and to further my mission to help impoverished women and children, not to personally benefit from it. I sensed that the resources generated by my natural talents were too precious and belonged to the needy. When I moved from Brazil to the USA, I was impressed with the amount of recyclable second-hand items that were everywhere. I started to gathered them and sent basic items, like clothing, shoes and money for food, to the groups I have organized. I like it so much, it gave me a vision and a purpose. Now, we have more groups of women who are being helped in communities in Peru, Africa and Pakistan. It is not much, but that “little” becomes a lot, often because of the differences in the currency. Some of my friends asked to be part of it and gave me the idea to create a nonprofit to give others the chance to cooperate as well. What a wonderful thing, and now I see that we are making the difference — we are changing the world together.

Maria Parenteau

Founder of ToGather.Foundation and Bird Rock Arts Gallery

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education and emergency care.

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