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Adopt a project, team up with the best and brightest and leave a legacy in your name.

ADOPT A VILLAGE PROJECT is your chance to get engaged and personally make the difference in the world. You pick the project and embrace the challenges of getting it done. It is a thrilling experience teaming up with remarkable minds, share expertise and achievements and gain hundreds of friends for life.

The Adopt a Village Project is a journey for donors, investors, volunteers, companies, groups and individuals to stay focused on the task, to assist each other and to get the project done.

If you are interested in adopting a village project, please email us at and tell us what can you do and what can you give…tell us your history, how teaming up with a great group of people to change lives can bring purpose to your own world?

Discover how can you, your group of friends or your church or company can team up to adopt a whole project to support.

If you just would like to donate a specific amount to a certain project, please send us a message.


Adopt the Zambezia Solar Energy Project

In Mozambique, at the Zambezia Province, there is a village called Pinda where the kids are thirsty for light and for knowledge. There are hundreds of children waiting to benefit from the progress light can bring, their perception is that light is associated with the power of reading and reading generates the hope that feds their dreams.

Let’s change the world together transporting textile and sharing of resources

To prevent waste and protect the environment, the ToGather. foundation is teaming up with the best and brightest ideas and expertise to carry our mission of transporting piled up and neglected products to destinations where they are needed the most. We gather, recycle and distribute basic reusable up-cycling one women’s trash into another women’s treasure.


Project Ayacucho, Machu picchu, Peru

A very exciting project. We are building a Health and Wellness Center facility at Ayacucho, Peru, to serve the local community with the care they need and as well as a wellness naturalistic Spa space for the international community of global travelers looking for alternative remedies.

Become a Volunteer

Your donation will help us save and improve lives with research,
education and emergency care.

    How Can You Help?

    Make a difference, YOU are the most important part of the team. WHAT CAN YOU GIVE? WHAT CAN YOU DO? BE AN INVESTOR BE A DONOR BE A VOLUNTEER Do you know you can now track your donation?