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Let’s Change The World Ourselves

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ToGather phone number: 617 460 05 28 – San Diego, Ca

If you are interested in adopting a village project, please email us at and tell us what can you do and what can you give, tell us your history, how teaming up with a great group of people to change lives can bring purpose to your own world?

Discover how can you, your group of friends, your church or company can team up to adopt a whole project to support.

If you just would like to donate, please visit our donation page.

If you just want to encourage us say hello, we appreciate it.

Let’s chance the world together.

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    Make a difference, YOU are the most important part of the team. WHAT CAN YOU GIVE? WHAT CAN YOU DO? BE AN INVESTOR BE A DONOR BE A VOLUNTEER Do you know you can now track your donation?